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Frequently Asked Questions

Yaya the Wizard

When will the website be available in French? While there are certain activities that are posted in French, the website is not currently bilingual. Due to these strange times, our goal was to get this site out into the world as soon as possible in order to give parents a resource that could keep their kids busy in fun, educational ways. We’re already working super quickly on the site’s next phase, which will include fully bilingual content and other added features.

This is just the beginning of our magical adventure, and we’ve still got some spells up our sleeves. As a Montreal-based website, making sure we have content in French is extremely important. We appreciate your patience!

Bien que certaines activités soient affichées en français, le site n'est pas bilingue pour le moment. En raison de ces temps étranges, notre objectif était de lancer ce site le plus tôt possible afin de donner aux parents une ressource qui pourrait occuper leurs enfants de manière amusante et éducative. Nous travaillons déjà très rapidement sur la prochaine phase du site, qui comprendra un contenu entièrement bilingue et d'autres fonctionnalités supplémentaires.

Ce n'est que le début de notre aventure magique. Puisque nous sommes basés à Montréal, il est extrêmement important pour nous d’avoir un contenu en français. Nous vous remercions de votre patience!
Are activities uploaded immediately? Each activity uploaded by our users is screened in order to ensure their relevance and legitimacy, so you can expect a short delay between an activity’s upload and its appearance on the homepage.

Since we’re only human (aside from Yaya, of course), it’s possible that things might slip through the cracks. If you notice anything fishy, be sure to flag it and we’ll check it out as soon as we can!
Is there an age limit? Yayatopia currently focuses on activities for younger kids aged 0 to 13! What kinds of activities can I post? Yayatopia’s activities cover six main categories: Music, Sports & Fitness, Education, Arts & Crafts, Food & Cooking, and Games. While the goal of our site is to offer both online and local activities, the current state of the world has limited everyone’s options! When the time is right, we’ll be thrilled to host real-world activities, but kids can currently enjoy virtual music lessons, interactive games, educational videos, and so much more!