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Paper Plate Turkey

Paper Plate Turkey

General Education
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Learn how to make this fun and simple paper plate turkey craft.


Supplies to make the Paper Plate Turkey: 

-Googly eyes

-Construction Paper

-Brown Paint


-Small Paper Plates

-Tacky Glue




This paper plate turkey craft is very simple! The first step is to paint the paper plates brown. You’ll need to do this and allow time to dry before you apply the facial features. We painted the paper plates and decorated the on separate days.

Next, cut out the beak and feat with construction paper and get your googly eyes ready to be picked out. I just eyeballed the size and shapes for the beak and feet. But you could draw them and cut them out. Then glue on all your facial features – the googly eyes, beak and the feet. You can use just a glue stick for these items.

Now it’s time to glue on the feathers! We used tacky glue and gently pressed them and held them for a minute so they would stay onto the sides of the paper plate.

You can choose any color combination for the feathers – we chose red, orange and yellow but any color paper plate turkey would look great!


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