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CN Tower At Home Activities

CN Tower At Home Activities

General Crafts

Colouring Sheets

Check out these great colouring sheets of some of the City's most iconic landmarks, all part of our 114 Stories X 114 Storeys photo exhibit in special collaboration with the Toronto Public Library. Just download, print, colour and share them with us!

114 Stories X 114 Storeys
CN Tower
Canadian National Exhibition
Fort York
Kensington Market
Ontario Place
Prince Edward Viaduct
Royal York Hotel
Toronto Islands
Union Station
Yonge Street

#mycntower Building Challenge

We want to see your Towers. Using materials you have around your home, build your own
CN Tower. Here are some that we've seen.


CN Tower Scavenger Hunt

CN Tower Webcam Scavenger Hunt! How many can you see? Use the EarthCam feeds on our website or the CN Tower Viewfinder App, free to download!

Scavenger Hunt Activity


CN Tower Trivia

How much do you know about the CN Tower? Test your knowledge using our trivia pages.
Trivia Challenge Page 1    
Triva Challenge Page 2

Trivia Challenge Page 1      Trivia Challenge Page 2


Education Programs

While the best way to complete these curriculum based materials is onsite during a field trip, we’ve adjusted our worksheets so you can now do them from home. Have fun!

Strong and Stable Structures – recommended for Grade 3 to 5 students
Strong and Stable Structures Worksheet

Form and Function – recommended for Grade 7 students
Form and Function Worksheet - Complete as an Architect
Form and Function Worksheet - Complete as a Builder
Form and Function Worksheet - Complete as an Engineer
Form and Function Worksheet - Complete as an Industrial Designer
Form and Function Worksheet - Complete as a Scientist


Engineering Activities

Each year the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers join us for March Break, and bring with them awesome activities. We're sharing with you some of our favourites, that you can do at home. We hope you enjoy them.

Marble Maze:
1…2…3…Go! Have lots of fun with your family and friends with our marble maze. Use trial and error and your problem-solving skills to control how fast or slow your marble travels on its way to the finish line!

Marble Maze Activity

Source - First Lego League Tutorials


Paper Columns:

A Triangle, a Square or a Circle? Which one is stronger? We’ll test the strength of a piece of paper by folding it into different shaped columns and balancing objects on top.

Paper Column Activity - books set on top of paper rolled into columns

Source - Creekside Learning


Balloon Rocket:
Test out how forces, mass and motion are connected. Make your very own rocket using string, a straw, tape and a balloon and watch it fly! 

Balloon Rockets - a balloon is taped to a straw that travels along a string propelled by a fan

Source - Discover Learn Explore

Build a Hurricane-Resistant Tower:
Use everyday materials to build a tower that can hold up a tennis ball while resisting the force of wind from a fan. (If you want a real challenge, add a spray bottle to represent rain!) Make it a contest – who can build the tallest, strongest tower!

Hurricane-Resistant Tower Activity - a paper Tower model is topped with a tennis ball and a fan is trying to knock it down

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