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laptop_mac Live Virtual Activity
cake 4 - 13 year olds
date_range Aug. 27, 2021
access_time 7:30 p.m. - 8 p.m. Eastern Time
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Art Class for Kids | Private Trial

Art Class for Kids | Private Trial

General Crafts

Kiddy School's mission is to organize a virtual learning environment kids enjoy while getting new skills.

Learn more about our classes and what parents and students say about us: https://kiddycodersclub.com/


Free weekly workshops for kids: https://kiddycodersclub.com/workshop

Like us on Facebook to get a notification when we go live - https://www.facebook.com/kiddyonlineschool

Check out our camps: https://kiddycodersclub.com/camps


Kiddy School offers one-on-one and group online classes for K-12 kids for the following programs:


Programming (Scratch, Roblox, Minecraft, Python, Java, JavaScript, Web Development, Mobile App Development, C, C#, C++, Unity)


Digital and fine art

Photo and Video Editing (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Premiere Pro)

AP Computer Science A and Principles Preparation

English, Spanish, Russian and French


SAT/ACT preparation


A learning journey includes:

1-hour classes once a week or 30-min classes twice a week;

sessions notification system for parents and students;

virtual classrooms with assignments and topics kids learn;

certificates of completion;

internal contests and the reward system;

chat with the teachers and homework help;

free workshops 1-2 times a month (different topics).


Disclaimer: This is a live activity. While we do our best to monitor content uploaded to and linked from our website, we cannot guarantee the quality, relevance, and suitability of live content. If you spot anything inappropriate, please don’t hesitate to report this activity!

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